The OJC Religious School

Where we provide our children the education and skills they need to live a Jewish life, as well as, the motivation and commitment to do so.

Our Synagogue

The Orangetown Jewish Center. We're an egalitarian synagogue, devoted to promoting the highest ethical, moral and religious standards while fostering respect for ourselves and others. Emphasis is placed on the values of connection to God, Torah study and attachment to Israel.

OJC Young Families

At the Orangetown Jewish Center, families with young children are always a primary focus. Through a robust and diverse programming schedule we seek to engage people of all ages where they are comfortable as we build a friendly and enriching community together. Shabbat morning experiences for all ages, monthly family friendly Friday night services, Sunday morning playground hangouts and family holiday programs are all pieces of the array of offerings. All of this certainly makes the OJC the place to be!