About us


Two days a week, no Sunday classes.


Classroom instruction for kindergarten through second grade is by early childhood educators with credentials in education and Jewish pedagogy.

In addition to our rabbis, the third through seventh grade teachers are experienced in providing educational programs that nurture the students’ strengths.

Additionally, the classrooms are supported by a corps of assistant teachers.

Spiraling Curriculum

Prayer:  Through a Siddur-oriented curriculum, students learn to read Hebrew and feel comfortable with the prayerbook (Siddur), to relate the meaning of the prayers, understand the vocabulary as a link to spoken Hebrew language.

Holidays, History, and Jewish Studies:  We teach Shabbat and the history and rituals of Jewish holidays both in the classroom and through celebration.  We help our students develop pride in the land of Israel; understand issues of Jewish ethics; explore current events, and more.

Torah:  We study the tragedies and triumphs, stories and history in the Torah . We relate the Torah and stories of the Prophets to our lives and the issues of today.

Mitzvot:  Our school promotes an understanding our Jewish responsibility to the community – of Mitzvot as a Jewish obligation.  Our students participate in a routine of giving to and engaging in on-going community projects.

Electives: Grades 3-5 have a program of Jewish studies electives for 9 weeks of the year, to explore areas of particular interests

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